Action and Response of Structural systems

Action & Response of Structural Systems

Module 1: IS 875 PART 1, 2, 4, 5

Sources, Nature and Magnitude, Probabilistic assessment, Characteristic and Design values. IS 875 PART 1 and 2 code provisions. Load combination rules for design. Estimation of DL and LL on structural elements such as Slab, Beams, Columns, in different types of structural systems, Joint Loads on Trusses, Distributed load on Purlins- Numerical examples. Accidental loads – Impact and collisions, Explosions and Fire.- Numerical examples

Module 2: Wind Load – IS 875 PART 3: Buildings

Nature and Magnitude, Factors influencing wind loads, Internal and External pressure distribution, Design Wind Speeds and Pressure, Numerical Examples to calculate external and internal pressure for different types of buildings and regions – Flat roof, Pitched Roof, mono slope roof, Hipped roof, Sign board, Water tank on braced and shaft staging, Multistory Frames.

Module 3: Seismic Loads: IS 1893: Buildings

Nature and Magnitude, Centre of mass and rigidity, Calculation of Design Seismic Force by Static Analysis Method, Dynamic Analysis Method, Location of Centre of Mass, Location of Centre of Stiffness, and Lateral Force Distribution as per code provisions.

Module 4: Vehicles Loads as per IRC 6 – 2010 on Road Bridges

Class 70 R, Class AA, Class A , Class B , Tracked Vehicle, Wheeled Vehicle, Load Combinations, Impact, Wind, Water Currents, Longitudinal Forces: acceleration, breaking and frictional resistance, Centrifugal forces, temperature, Seismic forces, Snow Load, Collision Loads. Load Combinations – Simple Numerical examples

Module 5: Types of Analysis and Behavior of Tall Buildings:

Linear, Nonlinear behavior, Material nonlinearity, Geometric nonlinearity, Rigid and Elastic Supports, First Order Elastic Analysis, Second Order Elastic Analysis, First order Inelastic Analysis, Second order Inelastic Analysis – Concepts and Brief descriptions.  Behavior of Structural forms in Tall buildings – Rigid frame, Braced Frames, Shear Walls, Core walls, Tubular, Belt truss, Outrigger


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