Advanced Design of RC Structural Elements

Advanced Design of RC Structural Elements

Module 1: Behaviour of RC Beams in Shear and Torsion:

Modes of Cracking , Shear Transfer Mechanisms , Shear Failure Modes, Critical Sections for Shear Design , Influence of Axial Force on Design Shear Strength, Shear Resistance of Web Reinforcement, Compression Field Theory, Strut-and-

Tie Model. Equilibrium Torsion and Compatibility Torsion, Design Strength in Torsion, Design Torsional Strength with Torsional Reinforcement- Space Truss Analogy and Skew Bending Theory

Module 2:Redistribution of Moments in RC Beams:

Conditions for Moment Redistribution – Final shape of redistributed bending moment diagram – Moment redistribution for a two-span continuous beam – Advantages and disadvantages of Moment redistribution – Modification of clear distance between bars in beams ( for limiting crack width) with redistribution – Moment – curvature Relations of Reinforced Concrete sections . Curtailment of tension Reinforcement – code procedure – Numerical Example

Module 3: Design of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams:

Introduction – Minimum thickness -Steps of Designing Deep beams – design by IS 456 – Detailing of Deep beams.

Module 4:Behaviour and Analysis of Compression Members:

Effective Length Ratios of Columns in Frames, Code Charts – Numerical Examples,Short Columns – Modes of Failure in Eccentric Compression, Axial Load – Moment Interaction equation, Interaction Surface for a Biaxially Loaded

Column, Concept of Equilibrium approach and application to Non rectangular columns. Slender Column: Braced and Unbraced, Design Methods as per IS 456 – Strength Reduction and Additional
Moment Method

Module 5: Flat Slab Design

Behaviour of Slab supported on Stiff , Flexible and no beams ,Equivalent Frame Concept, ,Proportioning of Slab Thickness, Drop Panel and Column Head, Transfer of Shear from Slab to column, Direct Design Method, Equivalent Frame Method – Design Examples. FE analysis and design of Slab Panels based on Wood-Armer equations.


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